Understanding the neurocognitive mechanisms of vocal communication in health and disease
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The human voice is likely the most important sound category in the human auditory landscape. For example, a preference for human voices relative to non-social auditory stimuli is already observed in neonates. In the context of a conversation, listeners need to rapidly integrate multiple auditory cues, which include not only linguistic but also paralinguistic or speaker-specific information, such as his/her emotional state. At the VoicES Laboratory we investigate how humans perceive, recognize, and make sense of voice, speech, and emotional information. For example:


How do we differentiate familiar and unfamiliar voices?

How do we decode emotions from other people’s voices?

How do we assign meaning to speech stimuli?

Where and when do these processes take place in our brains?

In order to address these questions, we use behavioral and brain imaging measures in healthy and patient populations.

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The VoicES Lab is part of the CICPSI CO2 Research Group.

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The VoicES Lab is part of the CICPSI CO2 Research Group.


This website was created with financial support from FCT (UIDB/04527/2020 and UIDP/04527/2020).

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